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Eating The Dog: Downstage Theatre Wellington 29 June – 10 July Mar 18th 2010

Te Radar brings Eating the Dog to Wellington for a two week season at Downstage.

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Eating the Dog is a satirical look at New Zealand’s history focusing on Te Radar’s New Zealand Heroes, both Maori and Pakeha: The bumblers and the near-do-wells, who personify the archetypal “She’ll be right” spirit that epitomises this country.

The history books are full of the champions who put this country on the map and gave us an international reputation for creating ground breaking heroes. But what about the people who don’t have their chapter in the history books? The ones whom we weren’t taught about at school? The ones who will never get their face on a bank note? The people that gave it a red hot go, but perhaps lost a limb, or their life, in the process. Finally we have their champion in Te Radar.

Eating the Dog is an irreverent and hilarious look at those folk who show us that in order to have success, there has got to be a few failures.

Part educational history show, part installation art, a look at what it is that has made us so unique, and who helped us get here.

From the men who sparked the great Uranium Rush of the 1960’s, to New Zealand’s first aeronautical death, several years before the Wright brothers even left the earth, to the General who lost his pants and nearly doomed his army after getting lost circumnavigating Mt Taranaki, Te Radar celebrates those who tried, and more often than not failed. With the aid of a visual presentation rich with photographs, maps, and other images, the show is a hilarious romp through the pages of our history.

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