Te Radar: Opinionist

Environ-Mentalist: Puke Ariki, New Plymouth, 13 March 2011 Dec 21st 2010

Join Te Radar as he talks about his experiences filming his TV shows; his concept of sustainability and how it relates to everyone; and how arguments about plastic shopping bags and light bulbs are boring distractions.

Date: Sun 13 Mar 2011, 7pm
Venue: Puke Ariki Foyer

Bookings Essential, phone 759 0897

Environ-Mentalist is part of Puke Ariki’s WHAT IF: This summer, Puke Ariki’s exhibition sparks conversation and ideas on the Taranaki of the Future – and how it will affect our lives. What if the sea levels rise? What if fresh water becomes scarcer? With informative talks and amusing activities, this exhibition on universal sustainability asks in a fun and provocative way, What if? Laying the foundation for a grand plan of action, What if? poses the question – what will be your answer?


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