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Forest and Bird Conference 2012 May 10th 2012


June 15-16


Te Radar will be hosting the Friday night session of the Forest and Bird Conference 2012: Facing Up to the Future.

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In 2012 Forest & Bird will be imagining, and taking steps to sustain and secure, the nature of tomorrow. Our ambition is to set the conservation and environment agenda, instead of responding to it; to balance our defensive advocacy work on conservation threats with a stance that is also proactive and visionary.

A group of six young conservationists who have demonstrated a commitment to conservation and the environment will design and present this session – which, facilitated by Te Radar, promises to be fun!

The group includes Sarah Hall who travelled to Antarctica this year with Robert Swan’s 2041 expedition, after winning Pure Advantage’s Expedition to the Antarctica Competition; Forest & Bird’s Saddleback Campaign Manager for Bird of the Year 2011 Jackson James Wood; and a representative from the ‘Project Kiwi’ environment group at Christchurch’s Unlimited Steiner school.

Forest & Bird’s Face up to the Future conference runs from Friday 15 June to Saturday 16 June 2012.

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