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Gumboot Day: Taihape, 12 March 2011 Dec 21st 2010

Join Te Radar at Taihape’s Gumboot Day, 12 March 2011.

Gumboot Day will be held at the Taihape Memorial Park and the new Multi Function Centre at the Taihape Area School. People will be entertained throughout the day and the major draw card to the event is the Gumboot Throwing Competition.

The Gumboot Throwing competition will be held on the recreation grounds at Memorial Park and is expected to be the major ‘hub’ of the day with people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities able to throw a gumboot and set a new record! The event will be surrounded by the typical New Zealand Kiwiana feeling with music, gumboot marches, games and Fred Dag lookalikes.

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