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ETD-Pub-image-3-croppedSee “Eating the Dog” at Sky City Theatre, 30th April 2010 as part of the New Zealand Comedy Festival

Or at the ERUPT Festival in Turangi or Taupo

Or Downstage Theatre, Wellington, 29 June – 10 July

Eating the Dog celebrates the history that history tried to forget: the bumblers and near-do-wells who personify New Zealand’s “She’ll be right” spirit. It is an irreverent and educational look at some of the more notable characters and events from New Zealand’s past, commemorating the bumblers and the near-do-wells, the ones who personify the archetypal “She’ll be right” spirit that made this country great.

From the men who sparked the great Uranium Rush of the 1950’s, to New Zealand’s first aeronautical death, several years before the Wright brothers even left the earth, and the MP who turned bulldozers into tanks to save the country, Te Radar celebrates those who tried, and more often than not, failed.

The show has been extended to two hours allowing many new stories and images to shine in the dubious light of Te Radar’s scrutiny.

With the aid of a visual presentation rich with photographs, maps, and other images, the show is a romp through the more obscure pages of our history.

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