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EATING THE DOG: Research links

Many people wish to know where the stories and images of the show are sourced from.

Allow me to recommend some really great links:

teara.govt.nz: This site, run by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, (how delightfully governmental that sounds) is an absolute cracker. As they state on their site “When complete, it will be a comprehensive guide to the country‚Äôs peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy, institutions and society” and they aren’t far wrong. I rate it as a MUST SEE for anyone interested in New Zealand history. You can lose days inside it.

puke ariki logo pukeariki.com: The website of Taranaki’s Puke Ariki museum, one of my favourites. A well put together, engrossing site, that is a credit as an interweb gateway to a great museum. I’m very much looking forward to scheduling a trip to the ‘naki to see their current exhibition on the Taranaki Wars.
Thanks to Puke Ariki for generous help with images, notably background on the Taranaki Highwayman and boxthorn footage.

Timeframes; The Alexander Turnbull Library: The National Library of New Zealand image site, which I find can be oddly difficult to navigate but worth persevering with. They have upgraded it recently so it may be better, but always a great source of images.

Papers Past: A part of the National Library and a great source of newspapers of the past. Unbelievably someone has clearly scanned a lot of papers. Good for them.

Books. No, there is no weblink here, as I mean actual books. Seek them out from second hand book stores, or Trade Me. Read all you can. They are my Achilles heel, as I spend a lot on them.

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