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The popular TV programme is now a book. Here’s the Blurb:

When comedian and documentary-maker Te Radar moved from a pad in the city to a paddock in the country it was said that never in the history of television has one man has been so unsuited to living in a field. Admittedly he said that himself.

This hilarious behind-the-scenes exposé of the making of the television series Off The Radar is a tale of ineptitude, incompetence, and animal husbandry.

From raising chickens, to building mud ovens, to deciding what chickens to put in the mud oven, Off the Radar examines sustainable living as a practical reality, and explains why every TV programme about the subject must have at least one scene of someone chasing a pig.

It also exposes the lies of generations of television gardeners, celebrates the colourful local characters who kept him alive, and chronicles the dramas and the occasional triumphs of a man forced to live in a meadow.

It’s a wonderful read for people who want to live the good life, and need to know how not to go about it.

Reviewers have said:

Here are some kind words about it from Katie Macbeth who reviewed it for the Nelson Mail:

Te Radar writes the way he speaks – wittily and in distinctive Kiwi vernacular. Clever, irreverent, and with a keen eye for the absurd, he spins a good yarn without prattling on. Off the Radar is a wee gem that will make for great summer reading and remind you why all those media programmers love him so.

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