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Radar’s Patch

Radar’s Patch see’s Te Radar move from the lifestyle block in Off The Radar to a new quarter-acre paradise in Riverhead.

He says, “I have forsaken the country and moved onto the classic kiwi 1/4 acre paradise, to see how that can sustain me. Less cows, more chickens, and theoretically more time to potter about.”

Te Radar was given one growing season to weave his magic on an overgrown jumble of suburban weeds.

His challenge is to create a green backyard – green in the sense of being lush with produce and also sustainably done with recycled materials and organic methods.  So how did he view the quarter acre before he started this?  “I viewed it as a very sustainable sized of section. Enough room to live and grow and play.”  And now?  “Now I think there is certainly more than enough room to do all of that, and can understand why it was such a desirable acreage.”

And when it comes to gardening he thinks that “Television gardeners who make gardening appear simple may not be telling the truth. Radar’s Patch will prove it isn’t, and all of those people who felt like somehow TV gardeners were misleading them will breathe a sigh of relief when they see me proving that. They can then go about their gardening merrily growing things that bugs eat and mildew kills. I also learnt it is possible to have too many apple cucumbers.”
Did he enjoy it? “I missed my cows and pigs and sheep. And there isn’t really a lot of need for a tractor in town, even a really small one. Which is a shame.”

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