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“This show stood out from the pack…compelling, funny, and a testament to the Kiwi “she’ll be right spirit”. CAPITAL TIMES

“A voyage of extreme bravery and stupidity”. NATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW.

At the end of February 2000 Te Radar, disillusioned with the state of New Zealand’s television comedy and current affairs, resolved to become a war correspondent. With this in mind he decided to travel to East Timor to examine the New Zealand efforts with the United Nations Peacekeeping forces in the area.

Refusing to be hampered by a lack of resources, (which consisted in their entirety of 2 borrowed Hi-8 video cameras, a cameraman who was normally a Contiki tour bus manager, a “borrowed” TVNZ visitors pass, and a credit card), he was soon involved in an epic struggle for survival. He was confident that a healthy kiwi attitude of “she’ll be right” would prevail.

Despite nearly drowning in the desert, his battles with over-zealous Australian law enforcement officers, and United Nation’s bureaucracy, to the surprise of many, including himself, he eventually arrived in East Timor where he was attacked by a horde of unruly children who proceeded to steal all of his marbles.

Timor ODDyssey is the story of that story.


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