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Heroes or Villains? Titokowaru & Von Tempsky May 1st 2012

Heroes or Villains? Titokowaru & Von Tempsky

Date: Sat 05 May 2012, 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Main Exhibition Gallery, Puke Ariki

Join a lively debate exposing some lies, myths and agendas surrounding Ngā Ruahine chief Riwha Tītokowaru and the Prussian soldier Gustavus Ferdinand von Tempksy. Hosted by award winning satirist Te Radar, a panel including Māori leader Peter Moeahu, military author Richard Stowers and Puke Ariki curator Andrew Moffat will get to the heart of things in a series of short talking points leaving plenty of room for debate from the floor.

Come and help make Taranaki history. If you don’t, someone else will and you might not agree with their version of events!

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